We believe that everything we do makes a world of difference. Beauty isn’t just about looking good—it’s about cultivating a brighter tomorrow. We do the best we can until we can do better. One choice at a time.


Clean, green, beyond the call of beauty.

We believe every product down to its very DNA should be intelligently formulated to meet our ethos of efficacy, integrity, transparency, ethics and sustainability. This philosophy of ours touches every step in the process, from how we source our ingredients to what happens to your product's packaging at the end of its lifecycle. Our initiatives stem from a responsibility to do the best that we can for our bodies and our planet.

We support natural and organic, choosing plants in a world that settles for synthetics.

We believe in no-compromise, super-effective, clinically proven, plant-based ingredients. We source over 225 ingredients from seeds, sea, cells, plants, fruits—because nature provides all the beauty we need. 

We require 90% of our Ingredient library to be comprised of plant-based ingredients, including butters, esters, waxes, emollients, resins, beads. and seed oils. Our goal is to have a minimum of 85% natural content in each product with only rare exceptions. Our average natural content across the line is 96.2%. We list the percentage of natural or organic ingredients on the package of every product.


Intelligent ingredient choices.

Unearthing the most potent plant-based ingredients takes us all around the world. The results are beyond compare. It's amazing what a difference it makes to use coconut instead of sodium lauryl sulfate, ajuga instead of minoxidil, and pure essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances. Plant-based, sustainable ingredients are better for our planet, too—less reliance on fossil fuels, more sustainable agriculture; it's all connected.

Sustainable packaging.

Sustainability is non-negotiable. From eco packaging to wind energy-powered production, we're dedicated to doing the best we can until we can do better.

We use a packaging tool developed by leading environmental organization, BWE, which measures packaging material impact on human health, resources and ecosystems. This tool compares different materials, helping us make the best choice based upon statistical and measurable data. 

We use post-consumer recycled (PCR) bottles, which reduces environmental impact by 50% compared to "virgin" plastic. Our 90% PCR HDPE soft touch bottles reduce impact by 27%. The PCR paper we use for our 100% PCR cartons, marketing materials, and shippers reduces impact by 50%.

Infinitely recyclable, glass bottles reduce impact by 13% compared to plastic bottles. Most plastic bottles used in skincare products never end up being recycled.


Taking action for change we believe in.

Challenging the status quo is what Intelligent beauty is about. Since launching I-N as the first USDA-certified organic hair care line in 2008, we’ve partnered with numerous organizations to help us actively practice the changes we want to see in the world of beauty.

No greenwashing.

All it takes to label a product "organic" or "natural" is a few drops of plant ingredient added to a completely synthetic formula. The beauty, fragrance and supplement industries are self-regulated, so they can make untruthful claims about their products and it's buyer beware.

At IN, we list the exact percentage of organic and natural for every product, following the standards of the USDA, Cosmos and other certifying organizations. We also work with third-party certifiers that allow us to use seals verifying our products to be organic/natural, cruelty-free, and made with sustainable practices.